• For the 1st time the sounds are so close to the visitors
  • The feeling of reality is taken to a whole new level
  • Creates the illusion of presence in the screen actions
  • Increased cinema attendance
  • New film making standard


Patent protection: in February 2017 our sound control technology received the US-patent number 9,584,936 "METHOD FOR CONTROLLING SOUND IN AN AUDITORIUM";   In Russia:  on March 14, 2017 our sound control technology received the Russian patent RU2612997 (published in the Official Journal of the Russian Patent Agency ROSPATENT 8/2017, March 11 March 20, 2017);   Number of international application: WO2014104930.

The sound distribution and reproduction technology for auditoriums YALOS STREAM is designed for the reproduction of the so called 'close' sounds which happen according to the plot of the movie or any other audiovisual work directly next to the audience members (for example a wind blast, whispering leaves, splashing waves, screaming animals, flying bullets, driving cars or other actions that happen in the immediate surroundings of the viewer). Even the most advanced cinema sound systems with loudspeakers located on the walls and ceiling of the auditorium can't provide a realistic effect for these sounds because of the big distance among the loudspeakers and the audience members. The new YALOS STREAM technology uses a sound field which is emitted by the acoustic devices (loudspreakers and subwoofers) installed directly in the auditorium seats, i.e. they are located close to the ears of the audience members. The location of the sound source ensures a realistic perception of these sounds and creates the effect of multidimensional sound layers. One more special feature of our development is that the cinema or concert auditorium is considered as a sound matrix (with the auditorium seat as the basic cell) which is creating sound clusters. One sound cluster is responsible for the reproduction of one sound effect. The clusters can consist of any number of acoustic elements located in the neighbor seats. The clusters can have any size and move according to different trajectories in the auditorium. Simultaneously there can be any number of sound clusters moving through the audience. The demo video shows clearly how the clusters are created and distributed in the auditorium. A specialized hardware and software is unsed to create the sound clusters and to manage their individual characteristics and trajectories.

Values and benefits of YALOS STREAM

An innovative sound distribution technology for close sounds in auditoriums. No other sound system can realistically reproduce sounds that are supposed to happen at a distance from 15 cm to 2-3 m from a person. It can be provided only by our YALOS STREAM technology.

The auditorium seats with installed sound components can surround the visitors with 'close' sound effects and provide a totally new level of viewing experience. They raise the attractiveness of cinemas as a place of entertainment and amusement.

The YALOS STREAM technology is compatible with the existing sound systems in auditoriums and it can be installed not only in new but also in existing cinemas and concert halls. Basically it is an additional sound option that expands the sound effects of movies and concerts.

The absence of direct competitors and a broad potential market make YALOS STREAM an attractive investment. Using YALOS STREAM for 'close' sounds and traditional wall and ceiling sound systems for the 'middle' and 'far' sounds provides a more realistic feeling.

YALOS STREAM creates a new level of realistic impressions for the movie or concert visitors. Thanks to this technology people get the feeling to get involved in the actions on screen. It will increase the cinema or concert attendance and boost the ticket sales.

YALOS STREAM uses sound clusters to create and move the sound scenes. Close sounds in movies have never been so realistic. Their movement around the audience members create the illusion that the viewers are located in the middle of the action shown on screen.

YALOS STREAM allows to create any number of sound clusters for cinemas and concerts and to move the sound clusters in any directions. The sound clusters can have any desired size and allow to distribute not only single point sounds but also long waved sounds.

YALOS STREAM allows to create independent sound scripts not only for new film productions but also for old movies. Besides that, it's possible to create different sound scripts for one movie. It means that the visitors can be attracted by the same movie but with different sound effects.

Innovative advantages of the YALOS STREAM technology

Seats and sound field

Each auditorium seat is equipped with a set of acoustic devices: at least 4-6 loudspeakers and subwoofers with different frequency characteristics (high, middle and low frequencies). The sound field of the seat is adjusted to the optimal volume and dimensional characteristics for the 'close' sounds.

Cellular sound matrix

All auditorium seats form a cellular matrix sound field with one seat as the basic cell. For example, if the auditorium has 900 seats then the sound field contains of 900 cells. The auditorium matrix allows to create any number of sound clusters and to move them in any directions within the auditorium.

Sound clusters

All sounds in the cellular field are formed as sound clusters. A cluster is created by any required number of acoustic devices located in the neighbor seats. The sound cluster can have any size and shape. Its size and shape characteristics depend on the particular type of sound and its presence in the auditorium.

Movement of the clusters

The sound clusters can move through the auditorium (i.e. the cellular matrix sound field) in any directions that are determined by the sound type and the actions on the screen. The number of sound clusters in the auditorium depends on the particular script created by the sound producer.

Patents by YALOS Innovation Company
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Options of YALOS STREAM equipment for auditoriums


  1. Set of acoustic equipment for the seats
  2. Switching equipment
  3. Sound server
  4. Sound managing software
  5. Control unit


  1. Seats with acoustic equipment
  2. Switching equipment
  3. Sound server
  4. Sound managing software
  5. Control unit


  1. VIP-Seats with Hi-Fi acoustic equipment
  2. Switching equipment
  3. Sound server
  4. Sound managing software
  5. Control unit

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